PrisonLAW strives for a fresh chance for justice.

Objective PrisonLAW

PrisonLAW has been assisting Dutch detainees imprisoned abroad since 2002. PrisonLAW operates independently, with the detainees’ interests in mind.

As a legal organization, we have extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations. PrisonLAW continuously invests in maintaining contact with local authorities and possesses a large network. PrisonLAW has a broad international network worldwide. We also emphasize diplomatic negotiations.

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Highlighted Cases

Your support is greatly needed.
Our mission is clear: We assist Dutch nationals in foreign detention with legal aid. This is what we dedicate ourselves to. Every day. So that they can envision a future again. Without your financial support, we cannot achieve this. Will you help? Some cases we are currently working on:

Jaitsen Singh

Arrested in April 1984 in the United States based on the testimony of a single eyewitness, a conviction followed two years later: a sentence of 56 years. The verdict was reached under dubious circumstances. This led to a review in the 1990s. However, due to lack of resources and the death of the key witness, his sentence was never revised. Meanwhile, the 75-year-old Singh has been incarcerated for 36 years. And us? We continue to fight for his release. For example, PrisonLAW initiated crowdfunding in 2017 to fund specialized attorneys for him. Currently, we are working on his appeal and WOTS procedure, hoping for his prompt release.

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Traffic accident abroad

An accident can often occur unexpectedly and have dramatic consequences. During their vacation, a couple is involved in a fatal traffic accident in Asia. They collide with a car while navigating a curve. The woman dies, and the scooter driver sustains serious injuries. Upon returning to the Netherlands, he will be sought after by the Asian country. In such cases, the country routinely prosecutes drivers, regardless of fault, even if no one presses charges against them. PrisonLAW regularly receives requests for assistance in such situations. From clients who are prohibited from leaving a country to those facing extradition threats. We engage local specialists to assist our clients, determining the most promising route for their return to the Netherlands.

Charly T.

Was arrested while on holiday in Spain after a date with two underage British girls. The Spanish justice department demands four years in prison and one year of supervision. Charly, who was underage at the time, had to spend 7 months in pre-trial detention. He has now been sentenced by the juvenile court in Alicante to 18 months of youth detention for sexual assault. PrisonLAW visited Charly in the youth prison and campaigned for the boy's release. His appeal is still pending.

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Succesvolle zaken

De afgelopen jaren heeft PrisonLAW zaken met succes afgerond.

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Latest news

PrisonLAW keeps its donors or anyone interested informed about ongoing cases and the latest developments. We regularly share the latest news on our website, and you can also sign up for our newsletter.

De 78-jarige Nederlander Jaitsen Singh, die al 39 jaar mogelijk onterecht vastzit in de VS, kreeg donderdag te horen dat hij geen kans maakt op vervroegde vrijlating. Zijn zus Sieta...

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Door toedoen van de overheid zat een Nederlandse ondernemer 2,5 jaar lang onterecht in de gevangenis. Waarom spon de staat een web van leugens om hem te kunnen oppakken?

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Lees het artikel "Nederlander al 37 jaar vast in de VS: 'Een schrijnende zaak'" op de Nederlander al 37 jaar vast in de VS: 'Een schrijnende zaak' website: https://www.nporadio1.nl/politiek/31648-nederlander-al-37-jaar-vast-in-de-vs-een-schrijnende-zaak

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Vandaag is er uitspraak gewezen in de kortgeding zaak van de heer Singh. De rechter heeft de vordering van de heer Singh om zijn strafoverdracht actief te ondersteunen afgewezen. We...

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Lees het artikel "Nederlander die al 37 jaar vastzit in de Verenigde Staten vraagt Staat hem te helpen terug naar Nederland te keren" op de Nederlander die al 37 jaar...

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https://vimeo.com/540566733 Nederland dwingen om te starten met het verzoek tot strafoverdracht van Singh: dat is het doel van het kort geding op 26 april. Met deze nieuwe juridische stap hoopt...

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De 23-jarige atleet Roelf B. en zijn vriend Gert-Jan N. hoeven hun straf niet langer in de Hongaarse gevangenis uit te zitten. De rechter in Boedapest heeft hen weliswaar veroordeeld...

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Vragen van de leden Van Helvert, Van Toorenburg (beiden CDA), Van Nispen (SP), Van Ojik (GroenLinks), Sjoerdsma (D66), Van der Staaij (SGP) en Voordewind (ChristenUnie) aan de Ministers van Buitenlandse...

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