PrisonLAW makes the difference for Dutch prisoners locked up abroad.

Field of activity

We advise you on all aspects of your criminal case, from the conduct and oversight of proceedings to attendance at hearings. We study your file and help you find a suitable lawyer abroad. We also inform local lawyers about the best legal options. The foundation Stichting PrisonLAW has been doing this type of work since 2005. We work independently, with the interests of prisoners always first and foremost.

PrisonLAW has extensive experience and expertise from all over the world. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide legal advice and guidance to prisoners during their local criminal proceedings. We provide assistance for special procedures such as:

  • Remission of criminal fines;
  • Requests for reduction of sentences;
  • WOTS (Enforcement of Criminal Judgments (Transfer) Act and WETS (Measures Involving Deprivation of Liberty and Conditional Penalties (Mutual Recognition and Enforcement) Act, Dutch laws that regulate transfer to the Netherlands so that you can serve part of your foreign sentence in your home country;
  • Assistance in applying for a pardon;
  • Provision of legal information to prisoners and their contact person or liaison;
  • Visiting prisoners;
  • Attending hearings.

Solid international network and knowledge of local law

PrisonLAW is active in many countries in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. For many years, we have invested in a solid network of lawyers, NGOs and other organisations at a local level. We know the local legislation and the most recent case law in every country. This means we can provide our clients with legal assistance that will be of real help to them. If you are detained in custody in another country, we investigate how we can best be of help to you.


We do ask payment for our work; this is necessary so that we can continue to carry it out. The amount depends on the type of proceedings. At the start of proceedings, we make firm price arrangements that are clear and easily understandable, so that our clients never have to deal with unexpected costs.

If you would like more information, or if you need help, please get in touch with PrisonLAW on

+31 6 578 512 56, or fill in your details on our contact form info@prisonlaw.nl


Rachel Imamkhan, LLM

international criminal law, immigration law, general administrative law, planning and zoning law

Become involved with the case. Get to the bottom of it. Pour in your energy, your empathy, be perceptive. See new possibilities even when situations look hopeless. All this shows Rachel Imamkhan’s boundless determination. A highly motivated lawyer, since 2002 she has been representing Dutch prisoners abroad. It was for this purpose that she founded PrisonLAW in 2005, and since 2011 she has been the owner of a legal firm under her own name (www.advocatenkantoorimamkhan.nl).

Rachel Imamkhan puts her specialisations in international criminal law, immigration law, general administrative law and planning and zoning law to good use: she represents many people in their criminal proceedings. Thanks to her worldwide network, she always manages to find new chances for her clients: for instance, the legal possibilities in other countries at a local, national and international  level; what organisations can play a significant role; what steps need to be taken for a fair trial, a reduced sentence or even a ticket home. No matter whether the proceedings are held in Thailand, Peru or Spain, or together with related civil or criminal proceedings in the Netherlands.

Rachel took her degree in constitutional law and administrative law at VU University Amsterdam in 2004. She started her career as an interim lawyer with several government institutions, but soon decided that she wanted to work in the fields of international criminal law and immigration law. This specialisation brought her to places such as Asia, where she analysed international legislation in relation to labour immigration and human trafficking for a number of NGOs.

She is a member of the Dutch Association of Lawyers Specialised in Migration Law (SVMA) and the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers in Amsterdam.

If you would like more information, please contact Rachel Imamkhan info@prisonlaw.nl