Written question No. 689 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 13815 | 18 June 2015

47 Member States are members of the Council of Europa: all the EU states, but also Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Its main task is the human rights and democracy. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe consists of 315 MP's from these 47 countries.

These MP's can ask questions to the committee of ministers of foreign affairs of these 47 Member countries. In the committee the ministers meet about twice a year in person and otherwise the ambassadors meet. MP's rarely use this possiblity, but when they do it means that all 47 countries together have to formulate an answer. In this case Spain will have to explain to the other 46 Member States what is has done in the last eight years with the overwhelming evidence that Mr. van der Dussen is not guilty. Sometimes these questions speed up a process.


Link: http://assembly.coe.int/nw/xml/XRef/Xref-XML2HTML-en.asp?fileid=21833&lang=en